Dimension: APG50300/1 - 40 x 50 X 40 / APG75300/1 - 40 X 75 X 40 / APG100300/1 - 40 X 100 X 40 / APG125300/1 - 40 X 125 X 40 / APG150300/1 - 40 X 150 X 40
Thickness 1 mm

Technical Data


The profiles are manufactured from top-quality DX51 galvanised steel, with a zinc coating of between 100 and 140 g/sq.m., in accordance with uni en 10326 - 10327 - 10142 standards. The standard thickness of the profiles is 6/10, upon request it is possible to have 8/10 and 10/10 thick profiles, also produced in aluzinc or zinc magnesium. The profiles are produced in accordance with CE 14195 - 13964.

Field of use

The profiles for plasterboard are appropriate for the realization of walls and ceilings linings.

Tips storage

In order to avoid the oxidation and rust on the surface, given the atmospheric agents that affect the duration of zinc chromium to protect the material, its suggested to storage in a covered and closed surface, if exposed outdoor it is advisable to place the material slightly inclined, to facilitate the draining of rainwater by protecting them with polyethylene sheets.